SHERBINSKIS Announces Partnership With Non-Profit No Vet Alone To Combat Opioid Epidemic

LOS ANGELES, Aug. 13, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — SHERBINSKIS the premium cannabis and lifestyle brand, founded by famed cannabis breeder Mario Guzman—a.k.a Mr. Sherbinski—announced its partnership with non-profit organization, No Vet Alone. Under this strategic partnership, the two entities will work together to raise awareness for the role cannabis has played in bringing relief to No Vet Alone members during the opioid epidemic and growing suicide rate among military veterans and first responders.

Guzman holds veteran affairs close to his heart. After bravely serving his country, Guzman’s brother returned home from deployment in the Middle East, but he would never be the same. Stricken by PTSD, the only thing that helped was cannabis. Today, Guzman utilizes his platform at SHERBINSKIS in the name of all United States heroes and will be announcing various initiatives in tandem with No Vet Alone in order to benefit our nation’s most sacred individuals.

“We are elated to welcome Mario, a visionary in the cannabis industry, aboard with No Vet Alone. The opioid epidemic is still very real. Cannabis provides an effective and healthier substitute for opioids and prescription drugs. SHERBINSKIS has made a name for itself in the veteran community because of Mario’s good work, and we look forward to continuing that together,” said John Wordin, Founder and Chairman of No Vet Alone.

As veterans worldwide struggle with mental health and the opioid epidemic shows no signs of stopping, suicide rates unfortunately continue to rise. No Vet Alone research shows twenty veterans lose their lives every day to suicide. Its members believe legal cannabis will offset these problems. As part of the alliance between SHERBINSKIS and No Vet Alone, researchers will be able to determine the appropriate strains to best therapeutically aid an array of mental health conditions.

Guzman remains steadfast in this cause.

“I respect John and the members of No Vet Alone immensely. Their work is beyond crucial to combating both veteran suicide and the opioid epidemic. Cannabis saved my brother’s life and we have the power to save more lives together,” said Guzman.

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is known worldwide as today’s fastest-growing premium cannabis lifestyle brand, a cult-favorite founded by Mr. Sherbinski, the renowned grower and creator of world-famous genetics, Sunset Sherbert, Gelato, and the Gelato lineage: Bacio, Acaiberry, Mochi, and Gello.

Rooted in San Francisco, SHERBINSKIS is coveted for its uncompromising respect for the alchemy of the plant and culture of its people. The notoriety of our distinct strains cultivated a devoted following from cannabis insiders, enthusiasts and patrons around the world, whereupon value for absolute quality, experience, and sustainability reign supreme.

Riding this global groundswell, SHERBINSKIS is now expanding into select dispensaries across North America, and offers a range of premium cannabis products, which includes cannabis flower, pre-rolls, a variety of concentrates, vape cartridges, smoking accessories, and lifestyle home goods.

most loyal consumers include many of today’s greatest hip-hop artists, designers and creators, in addition to cannabis connoisseurs from around the world.

About No Vet Alone:

No Vet Alone is focused on Suicide Prevention by creating a unique and highly innovative protocol with targeted and personalized mental health treatments and suicide prevention by combining peer support, technology, functional medicine, and community action to improve the brain health and produce more effective outcomes.

Cognoscenti Project – The whole health, brain healing, pathway to innovative treatment of mental health to prevent suicide,
enabling the courage to connect, empowering resilience to restore hope, to give America’s Finest LIFE.

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